Episode 30: 90s Gamer Problems

Let us take you back to a time before broadband and online walkthroughs existed, back when discs could scratch, back when ordering games came without the guarantee of next day delivery… We talk about all of this and more as we reminisce about the problems that came with gaming in the 90s (and early 00s). Enjoy!

Episode 29: First Person Shooters

Georgio and Josh sit down to discuss first person shooters in a special bitesize episode. What shooters did we grow up with, single player vs multiplayer, WW2 vs modern day vs future settings, Call of Duty vs everything else. Enjoy our (brief) retrospective look back at the most popular genre in gaming. 

Episode 26: E3 Reactions

Georgio and Alex react to this years E3, ranging from new game announcements, subscription services, game streaming and next gen. We talk about our personal highlights and what has us hype as well as what has us feeling a little bit worried. Enjoy!

Episode 25: E3 Predictions

Josh returns this week to run through our 2019 E3 predictions. Rumours of next gen, streaming and huge releases on the horizon make this one of the most anticipated shows yet. Enjoy!

Episode 15: The PlayStation 2

To celebrate 19 years since the original PS2 launch in Japan, we talk about what made the console so great from our personal experiences with the seminal games on the platform. We also discuss why the PS2 is and will probably remain forever the highest selling video game console of all time. Enjoy!

Episode 13: Unpopular gaming opinions part 1

The first part of what turned out to be a long episode, listen out for the musical editors note at the end. Following on from the success of the unpopular movies episode we do the same thing this time with video games. Enjoy hearing about us voice things you probably aren’t going to agree with.

Episode 12: Official Assassins Creed rankings

Josh returns this week to give his Red Dead Redemption 2 impressions now he has completed the game before we take a deep dive into reviewing and ranking the entire Assassins Creed series. Including our belated review of the extremely well received Assassins Creed Odyssey. We have a new mic so there should be no more issues with sound from here on out!

Episode 10: Multiplayer, Fallout, DLC and Pre-Orders

Georgio gets angry this week talking about the issues with DLC and the rate of more unfinished games coming to the market i.e fallout 76 as well as the multiplayer – games as a service model becoming more apparent. We discuss where the industry is going and give our thoughts on what has and hasn’t worked. Hopefully leading to a bright future in our favourite pastime.