Episode 15: The PlayStation 2

To celebrate 19 years since the original PS2 launch in Japan, we talk about what made the console so great from our personal experiences with the seminal games on the platform. We also discuss why the PS2 is and will probably remain forever the highest selling video game console of all time. Enjoy!

Episode 13: Unpopular gaming opinions part 1

The first part of what turned out to be a long episode, listen out for the musical editors note at the end. Following on from the success of the unpopular movies episode we do the same thing this time with video games. Enjoy hearing about us voice things you probably aren’t going to agree with.

Episode 12: Official Assassins Creed rankings

Josh returns this week to give his Red Dead Redemption 2 impressions now he has completed the game before we take a deep dive into reviewing and ranking the entire Assassins Creed series. Including our belated review of the extremely well received Assassins Creed Odyssey. We have a new mic so there should be no more issues with sound from here on out!