Episode 24: Kung Fu Movies Part 1

This week we discuss a genre of movie near and dear to our hearts, Kung Fu! Growing up, martial arts movies were personally some of the most influential, there was nothing more thrilling than watching the likes of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan on screen. We talk about what these movies mean to us, their influence on Hollywood action, and more! This turned out to be a bigger subject than anticipated, with part 2 to come! Enjoy. 

Episode 23: Single Player Renaissance

As multiplayer games like Fallout 76 and Anthem, from traditionally single player focused developers, get released to lukewarm critical and fan reactions we ask ourselves, are single player games making a comeback? With God of War, RDR2 and Spiderman only releasing last year, there has always been a market for the huge AAA single player game but with studios like EA and Bethesda wanting to replicate the Fortnite / FIFA ultimate team monetisation model to increased groans from the community, it seems that the demand for games that don’t ask you to invest months and years of your time are on the rise. We unpack this and get philosophical once again as we come up with some (I think) great points of view I hope you will find hard to disagree with. Enjoy!

Episode 22: Avengers Endgame

SPOILER ALERT. We jump on the bandwagon this week and weigh in with our thoughts on Avengers: Endgame which is well on its way to overtaking Avatar to be the biggest film of all time (at time of recording). We talk about what we liked, what we loved and what maybe missed the mark without being too nitpicky on an otherwise amazing achievement. Enjoy. 

Episode 21: Movie Soundtracks

This week we sit down and discuss some of our favorite movie soundtracks and what they mean to us. Does a great soundtrack elevate an otherwise average movie? What about licensed soundtracks vs orchestral scores? We discuss all of this as well as some of the most famous soundtracks of all time in diverse genres. We even throw in some humming. Enjoy!

Episode 17: Kingdom Hearts 3 thoughts

Josh returns to discuss how we feel about Kingdom Hearts 3 now that it has had time to sink in. We also discuss the series as a whole and where we think the series should progress from here to stay relevant, please long time fans, and be more accessible to new players.


Episode 16: Licensed games we’d love to see

With the success of the Batman Arkham Series and Spider-Man PS4, it got us thinking… what other licenses do we want to see come to current gen consoles? In this criminally under utilised area we pitch our game ideas for some of the most well known IP and how they could breath new life into this loot box and micro transaction filled gaming space we seem to find ourselves in.

Episode 15: The PlayStation 2

To celebrate 19 years since the original PS2 launch in Japan, we talk about what made the console so great from our personal experiences with the seminal games on the platform. We also discuss why the PS2 is and will probably remain forever the highest selling video game console of all time. Enjoy!